Our last day in Havana

Havana musicians
Sep 12, 2012



We had our final breakfast at the Hotel Santa Isabel and met up with the others before taking a vintage car into Central Park. We stayed in the cool of the Central Park Hotel foyer before walking into the square to take a tour of the theatre. Unfortunately it was closed and was only open to the public on Friday and Saturday nights during performances. Instead we walked across the square to the art gallery but only stayed for a short time since it was very hot and not airconditioned. It seems that there were two art galleries, one displaying European art ( the one that we went to) and the other displaying modern art. We would have been better advised to visit the modern art gallery but we just didn't have the energy. We met the others in the Central Park hotel and had a light lunch in airconditioned comfort. We took a 1949 open top Chevrolet back to the hotel.

For our last dinner in Havana we went to a place that Geoff George had seen earlier where there was some flamenco dancing. We eventually found the restaurant and watched the flamenco dancers who were fantastic. We all had seafood risotto which was a change from the usual diet of lobster, fish, chicken and rice.

The next morning we got up early and ready to go the airport at 9.30am to take the plane from Havana to Toronto and then onto New York. We arrived at the Wellington Hotel at around 6.30pm feeling very tired. The room was incredibly small and nothing like the rooms displayed on their website. There was hardly enough room to open the cases and the room was very small indeed. The bed was a double rather than a queen sized bed and one side was pushed up against the wall so it was not possible to get into the bed from both sides. Everything worked but the room was certainly small.

Once we were settled in to our room we met everyone for dinner at an outside restaurant just down the road on 7th Avenue and West 53rd Street.


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