Provence, France
The Roman Aqueduct at Nimes
Queenstown, New Zealand
TSS Earnslaw on lake Wakatipu
London, England
Springtime in Hyde Park
Mazamet, France
Baskets in the market square
Avignon, France
A wonderful lunch in the gardens of the Cathedral
Melbourne, Australia
Punting on the lake in the Botanic Gardens
Castres, France
Wonderful varieties of seafood in the market
Sometimes we get inspired to record some of the more memorable days of trips that we have made. They serve to remind us of the things that we have done, the places we have been to and the people we have met and if we do not record them we tend to forget great chunks of the times we have spent away.
For those viewing these diaries we hope you find them interesting but they are more likely to be of interest only to our family and friends.

The village of Conques

Jul 1, 2014



Whilst we were spending our last few days in Mazamet we decided to take a day trip to Conques. High in the hills of southern France, the picturesque little village of Conques is home to a magnificent Romanesque church and the only medieval shrine on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela that still survives intact. We left early one morning and drove to Conques via Albi, Carmaux and Rodez. On leaving Rodez we followed a valley for 30 kilometers through a number of small towns before arriving at Conques and parking the car quite close to the village. The weather was delightful and we... + details

Our last days in Mazamet

May 31, 2014



On our return from Provence we decided to stay in Mazamet until heading off for fifteen days in England. Apart from 'living in Mazamet' we took a number of short trips to see some of the sites that had previously eluded us. The road across the Black Mountains to Carcassonne was closed for repairs so we decided to take a road marked Pic de Nore. Along the way we drove alongside the river that runs through Mazamet and passed by a leather factory outlet. We stopped only to find that it had just closed but we made a note to return. We also went past the Maison du Bois et du Jouet which was also... + details

Looking for Cezanne in Aix en Provence

May 19, 2014



After our day in Cassis we were looking forward to seeing the Musée Granet where there is an exhibition of the paintings of Cezanne and Matisse. Maybe if we had consulted the web we would have found that it was shut on Monday's together with most other things (which you would be well aware of if you have been following our French travel musings). Not to worry so we decided we could visit the museum before we left on the long journey back to Mazamet on the following day. We got up reasonably early to fit in all of the chores that need to be completed when preparing a day of travel and have... + details

A trip to Cassis

May 18, 2014



When we arrived in Aix-en-Provence the owner of the apartment gave us some advice and suggested that we go to Cassis to get out of town. The reason being most things are shut on Sundays (as you may have gathered if you have been following our travels) and that there would be a major triathlon event taking place around the center of Aix. We decided therefore to drive down to the Mediterranean village of Cassis. Unfortunately we were unable to get out of town because everything had been blocked off due to the triathlon! Eventually we got out and started on the journey to Cassis. It was... + details


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