Provence, France
The Roman Aqueduct at Nimes
Queenstown, New Zealand
TSS Earnslaw on lake Wakatipu
London, England
Springtime in Hyde Park
Mazamet, France
Baskets in the market square
Avignon, France
A wonderful lunch in the gardens of the Cathedral
Melbourne, Australia
Punting on the lake in the Botanic Gardens
Castres, France
Wonderful varieties of seafood in the market
Sometimes we get inspired to record some of the more memorable days of trips that we have made. They serve to remind us of the things that we have done, the places we have been to and the people we have met and if we do not record them we tend to forget great chunks of the times we have spent away.
For those viewing these diaries we hope you find them interesting but they are more likely to be of interest only to our family and friends.

Photographs from Chaos to Order

May 18, 2020



I have started a project which is much bigger than I had thought and is likely to take much longer than the lockdown. The project concerns the organisation of 30,000 digital photographs and others in two large boxes from the pre-digital age. The 30,000 don't really present a problem since they are managed in Adobe Lightroom but the others present all sorts of problems. Converting printed images to digital images is not only time consuming but also difficult. Given the volume of pre-digital images I have decided that I will only convert images of people. Landscapes and cityscapes are a... + details

Life in the COVID 19 pandemic

May 11, 2020



The Victorian Government is on the verge of progressively relaxing the lockdown as the number of deaths from the COVID 19 pandemic subsides in the state of Victoria. Victoria, and Australia more broadly, has been resolute in taking steps to prevent the virus from spreading. In a country of over twenty-five million we have had fewer than one hundred deaths. When compared with Europe and the United States of America it has to be an outstanding result. In Victoria the polls show that 76% of the population support the actions of the Government and the Premier, Daniel Andrews, in particular. Fewer... + details

A flight over Lake Eyre

Oct 14, 2019



A good friend suggested that we take a trip to central Australia to see Lake Eyre in flood. We booked an Outback Spirit tour which started in Adelaide and took us to William Creek where we stayed for a couple of days in the William Creek Hotel. From there we flew to Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary, Birdsville and back to Marree, before driving back to Adelaide via the Flinders Ranges. Our tour guides, Brendan and Peter were excellent tour leaders: not only were they knowledgeable about all aspects of the places we visited but they knew the people in the outback because they, and in Peter's case... + details


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